Rabu, 01 Februari 2017

Recount Text " My Vacation in West Sumatra "

My Vacation

Last year I and my family went to West Sumatra. I went there by car. We stayed there about three days.
In the morning, we went to Pagang Island, about 45 minutes from Padang City to Bangus Beach. From Bangus Beach during 45 minutes to Pagang Island by boat. Along the way we saw a very beautiful sights. Arrived in there, we enjoy beauty beach. We took pictures and white sand, nice spot for some water activities like snorkeling and banana boat.

After that, we visited Suwarnadwipa Island near from Pagang Island, we saw beautiful landscape and natural beauty. In there we also took pictures for nice memories. The uniqueness of the island of West Sumatra Suwarnadwipa concept Coolness Nature, Back To Nature & Simplicity. It’s beautiful beaches and underwater world that is still awake no wonder this island is also nicknamed the Golden Island Hidden In West Sumatra.

Next, we visited Pasumpahan Island. The very naturally beautiful beaches. In there, we took picture at very higt peaks. In there, we enjoy beach with white sand and clear sea water ready for it. We saw appeal of underwater coral bay snorkel or dive. In the evening we returned my sister’s house at Padang City.

That was my happy vacation this year.  I wont forget it forever.

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